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The Feelings Game

Product Number : W-415

  • A fun game designed to help children identify feelings, differentiate different levels of feeling, recognize what causes feelings, replace negative thinking with positive thinking and more
  • Customize the game to a particular client by selecting game cards that are most relevant to that player
  • Ages 8 and up, 2 to 4 players

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by Berthold Berg, Ph. D.

The Feelings Game helps children and adolescents gain greater control over their feelings and emotions. It teaches them to:

  • Identify and label feelings

  • Differentiate levels of feeling

  • Recognize that thoughts, not circumstances, cause feelings

  • Identify the cognitive errors related to negative feelings

  • Replace negative thinking with positive thinking

  • Game cards represent common experiences at school and at home. Two inventories (included) can be used to help select game cards that are most relevant for particular players.

    Suitable for up to four players, ages 8 and older.


      • Luke's dad fails to show up for his weekend visit. At first, Luke is so angry that he thinks he doesn't want to see his dad again. Then he thinks, "Maybe I should talk to Dad about this before I get mad." What would be an irrational way to look at thissituations?
      • Give the other players clues to guess that you are feeling ... LONELY
      • The coach tells Jake and Rich that he'll try to start them in the game. When he doesn't, Jake is so disappointed that he can't even look at anyone. Rich feels bad too, but he pays attention to the game. What might Jake be thinking? What might Rich be thinking?
      • You recentily started at a new school, and you have to give a speech to the class. How AFRAID do you feely? (a little) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (a lot) What might you be thinking? What woulde make you feel LESS afraid?