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Emotes Book Set - English

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  • Teach children about emotions with this fun 12 book set
  • Each book focuses on a different character, and each character embodies a different emotion
  • Covers topics such as bullying, anger, happiness, temper tantrums, healthy habits and more
  • Ages 4-11

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Each Emotes character represents a different emotion, and therefore mirrors a childs own emotions.

In this way, children are able to externalize and literally interact with their emotions while having fun along the way.

Through play, children learn about themselves, and discover how to express and channel their emotions in healthy and constructive ways.


11 Book Set includes:

Abash and the Cyber-Bully: An Emotes Book About Bullying

A silly mistake, a digital picture and a really tough cyber-bully ... can Abash make it through this very embarrassing day? Abash learns what to do when he feels bullied and gains empathy for those who do the bullying.

This beautifully illustrated book includes a story and a synopsis of what cyber-bullying is, with helpful suggestions for how to cope with it.

30 pages


Bubba Under Pressure: An Emotes Book About Happiness

When Bubbas source of happiness is questioned by his friends, Bubba feels pressurised to find joy elsewhere. After a difficult day and a stressful adventure, Bubba learns to trust his own feelings and be proud of what truly makes him happy.

This beautifully illustrated book includes a story, a synopsis on happiness and how to find it, with advice on how to feel happy and an exercise on recognising what makes us happy.

30 pages


Cant Loses His Cool: An Emotes Book About Temper Tantrums

GRRRR! If Cant cannot have it, Cant gets mad but is throwing a temper tantrum the best way to solve a problem? With the help of the other Emotes, Cant learns how to calm his body and mind, and realises the importance of putting feelings into words.

This beautifully illustrated book includes a story, a synopsis on temper tantrums explaining how its better to talk about feelings than throw a tantrum, with helpful suggestions for how to cope with frustration and angry feelings.

30 pages


Drain and the Mystery of Sleep

Drain loves his double-decker freezy-cones, fizzy-pop, sugar-pops, choco-bits, and jelly stars. He also loves playing video games all night long. Drain also loves his Emote friends, but can't understand why he doesn't have the energy to play with them during the day. Will Super help him solve this mystery?

This beautifully illustrated book includes a story and synopsis on how to learn healthy habits about food, excercise and sleep.

26 pages


Ick And The Emotastone: An Emotes Book About Accepting Differences

Through an adventure in the cyber-tree forst, Ick learns to accept the different feelings within himself.

He discovers that the world is filled with many different kinds of people who all have similar feelings!

26 pages


Imp And The Fib Invasion An Emotes Book About Telling the Truth

Imp is mischievous and always seems to be in hot water!

When Imp makes up a story about invaders from another planet (called the "Fibs"), quite a commotion erupts in Emotia!

After a long day of panic, will Imp realize the danger of lies and fibs and how it can hurt the feelings of others?

26 pages


Joi's Cyber-Coaster Adventure: An Emotes Book About Positive Thinking

Joi starts his day peacefully. However, during the excitement of the Emota-Fest celebration, Dr. Viro and the Negataur challenge Joi's positive attitude.

Will Joi and the other Emotes overcome negative thinking and learn to be thankful?

26 pages


Jumpi Goes To Camp: An Emotes Book About Being Afraid

Jumpi and his friend Joi are getting ready for Camp Emotia. It's a long way from home, and there are many scary things that Jumpi has heard about camp. Will Jumpi learn to overcome his fears of the unknown and trust his dearest friends?

24 pages


Mixy's Quest: An Emotes Book About Confusion

Happy? Sad? Scared? Brave? What is Mixy feeling? He is SO confused!

Believing that he has lost his feelings, Mixy sets out on a quest to find them.

Will Mixy learn to indentify and express his emotions when he is feeling confused and overwhelmed?

26 pages


Super and Perfecto: An Emotes Book About Confidence

Being confident takes strength and courage! Confidence means having the courage to be yourself and the strength to get up and try again when you stumble and fall. When Supers super confidence is tested, can he find his inner strength and learn to believe in himself?

This beautifully illustrated book includes a story and a synopsis on understanding confidence, with helpful suggestions of qualities that could make someone more confident.

24 pages


Yawni And The Perspecto-Goggles: An Emotes Book About Boredom

"I'm bored." Will anything keep Yawni's attention?

Yawni can never seem to find anything that is exciting or entertaining. While the other Emotes find joy and adventure, Yawni finds boredom. After an action-packed day, will Yawni learn to see things from a new point of view?

26 pages


Books are suitable for ages 4- 11